Holy Martyr Anastasia

the Deliverer from Bonds, and Those with Her

(December 22, January 4 old calendar).

The Holy and Great Martyr Anastasia, a great heroine of the Christian faith, was born in Rome into a wealthy senatorial family, her father being a pagan and her mother a Christian. From her early youth, she possessed great love for the Lord Jesus, guided in Christian teaching by a devout teacher, Chrysogonus. Under pressure from her father, Anastasia married a pagan landowner, Publius, but, using the pretext of woman's weakness, she never had physical relations with him. For this, her husband tortured her harshly by imprisonment and starvation, and laid even heavier tortures on her when he discovered that she went secretly to the prisons of the Christian martyrs, ministering to their needs, washing their wounds and loosening their bonds. But, by God's providence, she was freed from her wicked husband. Publius was sent to Persia by the Emperor, and was drowned on the voyage. Then St. Anastasia began to minister openly to the Christian martyrs and, from her great inheritance, helped the poor with alms.

The Emperor Diocletian was once in the town of Aquileia, and commanded that Chrysogonus, the confessor of Christ, be brought to him. As he was being brought, Anastasia followed him on the way. Holy Chrysogonus was beheaded at the Emperor's command, and then three sisters, Agapia, Chionia and Irene (April 16th) suffered, the first two being cast into fire and the third shot through with arrows. St. Anastasia took their bodies, wrapped them in white linen and, anointing them with aromatic spices, gave them burial. Then Anastasia went to Macedonia, where she ministered to those who were suffering for Christ. There, she became widely-known as a Christian, for which she was seized and taken for interrogation before various judges. Desiring to die for her beloved Christ, Anastasia constantly clung to Him in her heart. A certain pagan high priest, Ulphian, tried to touch St. Anastasia's body out of lust, but he was suddenly blinded and gave up the ghost. Condemned to death by starvation, St. Anastasia lay in prison for thirty days, nourishing herself only with tears and prayers. After that, she was put in a boat with several other Christians to be drowned, but God saved her from this death. She was finally tied hand and foot to four wheels over a fire, and thus gave her holy soul into God's hands. She suffered and entered into Christ's Kingdom in 304.

Troparion, Tone 5

As a martyr thou didst emulate the deeds of the martyrs,/ to whom thou didst minister,/ and striving didst overcome the enemy./ Thou art an abundant, copious source of grace/ for all who fervently come to thee/ O godly-minded Anastasia.

Kontakion, Tone 2

Those in temptations and afflictions hasten to thy temple/ and are restored by the grace that dwells in thee,/ for thou dost ever pour forth healings for the world,/ O Great Martyr Anastasia. 


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