Our Holy Mother Angelina

and St. John the King

(December 23, December 10 old calendar).

The daughter of Prince George Skenderbeg of Albania and the wife of Stephen, King of Serbia and son of the Despot George, St. Angelina endured exile with her husband and shared with him all the vicissitudes of life in Serbia, and also in Albania and Italy. She brought up her two sons, Maxim and John, in a truly Christian spirit. Becoming a nun on her husband’s death. she devoted herself to prayer, works of charity and the building and repair of churches. A faithful wife, a good mother and a perfect Christian, she indeed merited the title ‘Mother Angelina’ given her by the people. Her wonderworking relics are preserved, along with the relics of her righteous husband Stephen and her devoted sons Maxim and John, in the monastery of Krusedol, though some of them were destroyed by the Turks. She reposed at the beginning of the 16th Century. 


Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church

2049 Argyle Ave. Los Angeles, California 90068


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