The Holy Martyrs Victor and Stephanis

(November 24, November 11 old calendar).

Saint Victor was a Roman soldier during the reign of the Emperor Antoninus (138-161). He refused to bow down to the pagan idols but instead boldly confessed his faith in Christ. Having declared his faith in Christ, he was tortured and killed by beheading. During his torture, a young woman, Stephanis, inspired by his suffering and confession of Christ, revealed that she also was a Christian. Stephanis was called before the authorities and asked her name, to which she responded, “Christian.” At that time still in her teenage years, she had been married one year and four months. St. Stephanis was torn in half, being tied by her hands and feet to the tops of palm trees.

Troparion, Tone 4

Together let us honor the Athletes of Christ,/ memorable Victor and noble Vincent/ and with them we praise divine Stephanie:/ by their contests they destroyed the enemy./ By their supplications, O Christ our God, have mercy on our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 4

Today the Church honors the Great Martyrs and Athletes,/ the struggles of Victor, Vincent and Stephanie./ She cries out and glorifies the Lover of mankind. 


Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church

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