Our Holy Mother

Xenia of Rome

February 4 (January 24, Old Calendar)

Born in Rome, St. Xenia was the only daughter of a famous senator. Drawn by the love of Christ, she refused to marry, as her parents desired. In order to escape marriage, she fled from her home with two of her slaves and came to the island of Kos, to a place called Mylassa. There she started a community for virgins, remaining there in asceticism until her death. Though she was a weak woman, she had great perseverance in fasting, prayer and vigils. She often spent entire nights standing in prayer, dressed more poorly than her sisters, and often put ashes from the censer on her bread when she ate, she. In the year 450, at the hour of her death, a wonderful sign appeared over the monastery: a wreath of stars encircled a cross more resplendent than the sun. Her relics healed many of the sick. Her two slave girls followed the example of their abbess in all things, and, when they reposed, were buried by their wish at the feet of blessed Xenia.

Troparion, Tone 3

Thou didst live the life of a stranger in the world/ and wast estranged to every sin;/ thou didst abandon comforts and fleeting honors/ and betroth thyself to thine Immortal Bridegroom./ O glorious Xenia, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.


Kontakion, Tone 2

Celebrating the memory of the life thou didst live as a stranger,/ and honoring thee with love,/ we praise Christ Who gave thee power to grant healings to all./ O Xenia, ever pray to Him for us all.

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